Our Story

Richard Fascenda

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Our Story

Richie Cheesesteak all began from my love of the Philly Cheesesteak! Growing up I used to go to Geno’s and Pat’s. I worked on 9th street for my grandmother and grandfather, so I was close to these two, now world famous restaurants, and would frequent them. I also would visit the Italian Market on 9th street, which influenced my pallet and love for homemade food. When I would go to Geno’s or Pat’s, the food was always made fresh to order, served piping hot, and the clientele always came back because the quality of food was superb. I also lived in New Jersey, and tried Cheesesteaks at many restaurants around that area. There were so many mom and pop style restaurants that served excellent cheesesteaks! This really started to grow my love for the Cheesesteak!

When I started Richie Cheesesteak, I wanted to instill all the great qualities from the restaurants I loved to visit as I grew up, and throughout my life. They all had an impact on me, and all taught me something. The #1 thing they taught me was authenticity. This is why at Richie Cheesesteak we serve our Philly Cheesesteaks on authentic Amoroso rolls and use genuine Philly Steak, just the way they were served to me growing up in Philly. I put my own spin on preparation and technique, giving you the best quality Philly Cheesesteak. It’s my pleasure to bring you a taste of Philly here in Spring Hill Florida!

Remember, “If it’s not a Richie Cheesesteak, it’s just a Mis-Steak!”

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